Beginning Reader Lesson Plan (30 minutes)

Group: Paula, Corrina, David, Serenity, Brittany, Parys, Marlene, & Precious. Date: Tuesday

Component Time
Word Study 15 minutes
  1. Mr. Word Builder with -in, -ip, and -it rimes: fit, hit, hip, chip, tip, tin, pin, pit, sit, sip, ship
  2. Pass out individual sorts for students to complete with teacher guidance. Including pictures and words to emphasize sound and pattern.
New Reading
15 minutes
  1. Introduce Kip and Tip with a book walk discussing pictures, words, and patterns in the book.
  2. Have students make a prediction about what Kip and Tip will do together.
  3. Students read the book independently.
  4. Reread book.
  5. Reread yesterday's book, My Twin.
Adapted from: Fowler & Lindemann, 2000; Johnston, Invernizzi, and Juel, 1998; Waddell, Thacker-Gwaltney, & Muldoon, 2001

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