Emergent Reader Lesson Plan (30 minutes)

Group: Jalen, Darius, Bryon, Angel, Christopher, and Charles. Date: Tuesday

Component Time Activity (link to the 3 assessment charts)
Alphabet & Beginning Sounds 10-12 minutes
  1. Initial sound sheet for review: a, i, o, g, h, c, d, n.
  2. W, f, j spinner game: students spin and pick a picture that begins with the letter sound.
  3. Students write 3 of the pictures from the spinner game on wipe-off board (assist students in stretching out words and emphasize beginning and ending sounds).
Word Awareness & Developing Concept of Word 10-12 minutes
  1. Introduce All Wet with a book walk discussing pictures, words, and patterns in the book.
  2. Pass out individual copies to students.
  3. Echo read All Wet (make sure all students fingerpoint).
  4. Have students cut apart a sentence from All Wet: "The wagon is wet." Students push up each word as they read it.
Phonological Awareness
6-8 minutes
  1. Revisit yesterday's read aloud (Peck, Slither, and Slide) and review animal names from the story.
  2. Pass out pictures of animals from the story. Have students substitute their animal picture for the word "wagon" in their COW sentence.
  3. Have students read their sentences and clap the number of syllables in their animal names (e.g., snake, leopard, woodpecker, walrus, etc.).
  4. Sort animal pictures under 1, 2, or 3 syllable headers.
Adapted from: Fowler, 1997; Johnston, Invernizzi, & Juel, 1998; Thacker-Gwaltney, Waddell, Lindemann, & Muldoon, 2001

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