Instructional Reader Lesson Plan (30 minutes)

Group: Lamarr, Aria, Brianna, Taylor, Tati'yana, and Mark. Date: Tuesday

Component Time Activity (link to the 3 assessment charts)
Word Study
10 minutes
  1. Sort short e and short i words with review of blends and digraphs for guided practice.
  2. Manipulation on dry erase boards:
    peck, pick, flick, fleck, deck, den, pen, pin, pig, peg
Reading and Writing 20 minutes
  1. Introduce Who Took the Farmer's Hat by discussing the title and the cover.
  2. Before reading, discuss predictions about who took the farmer's hat (using story knowledge and world knowledge). Have students write their predictions.
  3. Pass out individual copies and have students begin reading. Stop on page 10 to monitor comprehension. Discuss what the squirrel and the mouse see making sure that they understand that the animals are actually seeing the farmer's hat (even though the animals think it's something else).
  4. After reading, have students revisit their predictions comparing them to what happened in the story.
  5. Reread book if there is time.
Adapted from: Fowler, Lindemann, Thacker-Gwaltney, & Invernizzi, 2001; Lindemann, Waddell, Thacker-Gwaltney, & Muldoon, 2001

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